Macs is actively involved in wellness industry since 1997 and further his studies in nutrition, health and wellness in the next few years from several universities and institution.

He continued to develop his interest and specialization through active and experiential learning from the industry experts before returning in 2003 to promote nutrition, health and wellness where he was invited to speak in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Singapore and Indonesia.

Macs founded Macs Wellness in 2012 and also CRP45 Wellness group in 2015.


*Master in Preventive Health & Nutrition, Open University Malaysia
*Wellness & Nutrition Program, Thompson River University, Canada
*Health Education & Health Promotion Program, University of Malaya
*Bachelor of Business Administration, University Putra Malaysia

International Speaker

Macs currently travel extensively around the Asia Pacific region to provide training and health talks. Occasionally, Macs, being a senior lecturer in the Open University of Malaysia is invited to inspire more people in the aspects of nutrition, health and wellness.

Macs is well loved by his students and those who attended his classes and talks as he always delivers the most condensed information in the simplest way that is easy to understand and appreciate.

Macs  is also a HRDF (under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia) certified trainer, a member of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia and also a certified Wellness Consultant.

The Founder of CRP45

Macs has been wondering for the longest time, if there could be a healthy-weight management program that would help people around us improves their health conditions due to diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and yet at the same time benefits from a leaner, slimmer body.

Feeling motivated, Macs restlessly worked on this program in which he strongly believed could improve the quality of life of many Thus, to prove his hypothesis, the program was further studied and researched in his final year project. His thesis detailed a well-designed study where a group of 200 subjects were enrolled for a 45 days health management program and followed for 3 months follow-up after the last day of the program. The study concluded that the average of the body visceral fat and blood triglycerides of the subjects were reduced up to 30%.

The same program was subscribed by over 1,000 individuals since early 2015 and is now known as the Cell Renewal Program in 45 days (CRP45). He hopes the CRP 45 program will benefit more people as it restores health and transforms life, affording everyone a stronger, happier and better life quality.



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